3 Of The Top Wood Pellets You Might Like

The product is little different but the manufacturer is same here, so you can expect the same quality from the 40H as the 40M perfect mix wood pellet. The difference of 40H with 40M is it’s not a mixture of various types of hardwood, rather it’s made from 100% hickory wood as raw materialYou’ll see many people prefer hickory for barbecue and cooking because of its strong release of unique flavors. Many people especially like the flavor it adds. The 40H, being a 100% hickory, does the job of flavoring your food perfectly.

Now, there are a lot of other hickory pellets available in the market, so why the 40H from CookinPellets.com? Well, to get your expected flavor from the food, you need a pellet that is 100% of the wood named. You’ll see a lot of pellets in the market that has a mixture of woods in the pellets, but the ratio is not mentioned there. So you don’t know what percentage of the wood named you’re getting from the pellets, and that’s why you often lack the flavor you expect.

So you need a pellet that lets you know exactly what material it’s made from. That’s where CookinPellets.com has maintained their quality till date. They say exactly what’s there in the pellets. If they say it’s 100% hickory, it’s 100% hickory then.

CookinPellets.com is a major retailer of cooking pellets who are specialized for hardwood pellets & this is a perfect hardwood pellet by them.The 40PM Perfect Mix is one of their best smoking pellet made from a premium exclusive mix of the 4 best-quality and most-popular hardwoods available: Hickory, Cherry, Hard Maple, and Apple woods. And they guarantee that they never, ever use oils or filler woods like oak or alder. They also use only the heart woods (center of the log) to make their pellets, never any bark, so no compromise whatsoever with quality.

Being a hardwood pellet, it really does it’s job perfectly to give you a great flavor & aroma.

This pellet gives you the best aroma & flavor that you can cherish for.

Talking about the company, CookinPellets.com have maintained their reputation in the industry with products that perform as the company claims. They make no fake promises so they’re trustable manufacturer

If you are a softwood pellet lover and have made up your mind to buy a softwood pellets only, I recommend you to give a second thought with this pellet which will really add some extra flavor to your food. This is a pellet that burns & smoke great and has fully satisfied most of their consumers.

If you are looking for a flavoring pellet with your regular fuel pellets, then this is the best you can get. This is a package of 6 most popular flavoring pellets, which includes 1 pound bag of each flavor Apple, Mesquite, Hickory, Pecan, Cherry and Jack Daniel’s. It’s compatible with any type of outside grill, be that gas, charcoal or electric.The apple pellets are made of 100% Apple wood which will provide sweet, fruity smoke. Apple is the strongest of all the fruit woods when it comes to flavoring. These pellets are perfect for grilling beef, poultry, ham, pork, fish or wild game.

Hickory pellets are also made of 100% hickory and it is one of the most common and popular smoke wood pellet used in barbecuing. They can produce a really stronger flavor that complements all meats.

All the other wood pellets are also made of 100% of the wood named. The Cherry pellets give you a mild sweet fruity smoke which gives a rosy tint to lighter meats. The Mesquite pellets are here to produce a very distinctive smoke and give you a stronger smoke flavor while the pecan pellets will you a very similar flavor like hickory, but milder and sweeter with a nut after-taste.

For most cooking events, you’ll need only 1/3 of a cup of pellets. You can have 10 uses from each pack in this way. So with this package, you can deal with 60 cooking events. That’s a good return for the money.

Softwood Pellets: More in volume in a unit, More Heat, Lighter ash.

Hardwood Pellets: Stable burn, Nice aroma they provide, Heavier ash.

Decide depending on what you need and which drawback you can live with.

Know go out and Smoke Something!!!

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