Cleaning your Pellet Grill

Well, first of all, keeping your Pellet Grill clean will keep your food clean, and  your investment. You’re cooking meals for your friends and family with that pellet smoker in your backyard. The dirtier that smoker gets inside, the more pellet ash will circulate around the chamber. No one wants to eat pellet ash. Regularly cleaning your pellet smoker will also give you more consistent temperatures. The cleaner your grill is inside, the better the airflow will be inside the chamber.

What You Need To Clean Your Pellet Smoker:

There are just a few things you’ll need to get this cleaning job done.

Wet Dry Vacuum
Cleaning Spray
Small Wire Brush

How To Clean the inside of your Pellet Smoker:

You need to remove the grill grates, drip tray, and heat shield. Spray the grill grates down with a ( Cleaning Spraythen let the spray soak in for about 10 minutes before wiping the grates with a washcloth and or a wire brush. After cleaning the grates rinse and dry spray some cooking spray on the grates and set aside.

Know comes the inside of the grill remove the heat shield ( I like to warm up the grill first to about 100 degrees to soften up the grease and or other liquids that are coated on the inside )  and then vacuum  out the ashes and using the ( Cleaning Spray )  spray the inside of the grill let soak for about 10 minutes and wipe clean the inside it might take a few times but you’ll get it and then when your happy it should be done, its  the time to clean the drip tray its  pretty simple remove the old tin foil if applied and use the ( Cleaning Spray ) and let soak about 10 minutes and wipe clean it might take a few times though and then dry then spay some cooking spray and reapply the tin foil.(The heat shield really doesn’t need cleaned but if you want you can) after your done with that you can put the heat shield back and then the drip tray and grates.

How to clean the outside of your Pellet Smoker:

Using a washcloth and warm soapy water, wipe down the entire outer surface of your smoker. Take care not to get water into the controller area.

Now that your smoker is clean on the inside and outside, it’s time to celebrate, whats a better way to do that is to smoke your favorite foods.

Cleaning a pellet smoker is a relatively easy task. I recommend a good deep clean 2 or 3 times per year, and a quick clean every 3 or 4 cooks.

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