Pellet Grill – Advantages and Disadvantages of a Pellet Smoker


Pellet grills are in my opinion continues to gain ground. What began tentatively from the US here a few years ago, has already gained more popularity, although there is certainly still room for improvement, it seems to me, because the discussions in the masses often still in the field of charcoal grills and gas grills to be led. At the offered pellet barbecues it is certainly not, there is something for every purse

But how does a pellet grill work at all and can I use it to grill anything that I otherwise grill on my gas grill or charcoal grill? What advantages and disadvantages does a pellet grill have? What are the initial costs and the running costs? I would like to get to the bottom of these questions in this post. I myself grilled on barbecue grills on pellet grills of two different manufacturers a few years ago and was allowed to enjoy the benefits. These were at the beginning a GMG Pellet Smoker and then a Memphis, today Memphis Roesle.

Advantages of the pellet grill

Let’s summarize briefly, what results from the points mentioned above for benefits.
•Very simple operation
•Clean handling
•short heat-up time
•constant, even heat and a subtle smoke aroma
•Use of the whole grill area in indirect operation
•versatile preparation options
•easy cleaning
•completely harmless in contrast to gas (I do not see the problem, but that’s the argument)

Disadvantages of the pellet grill

Where there is light is also shadow. Of course, such a pellet grill has a few “disadvantages”, if you want to call them that. That is sometimes very subjective.
•Always needs a power connection to supply the control technology.
•High acquisition costs
•On some models, only indirect heat is possible.
•Basically, technology is also prone to technical errors
•For some too boring, therefore also called “ancestral smoker”.

The above-mentioned disadvantages are definitely not disadvantages for me, or the advantages simply outweigh. For me, nothing speaks against a Pellet smoker, the parts are really great and easy to use. If you do not need the big “I made fire” feeling, then you should deal with a Pellet smoker or pellet grill! A very relaxed way to prepare your meat and other things.



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